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Gross: 100L
Net: 86L
Works 38°C ~ 43°C

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  • Subtropical climate with inside condenser 
  • (works  38°C)
  • Large storage capacity design
  • 8L separate chiller compartment 
  • for short term storage (-2°C~0°C)
  • Elegant chrome trimming
  • Reversible door
  • Lock & Key
  • Inbuilt recessed handle
  • 2pcs wire shelf 
  • 1pc vegetable tray with glass cover
  • 3pcs door rack for bottles
  • Adjustable feet
  • Super quiet compressor for efficient cooling system 24 months quality warranty (limited)
I. Electrical Characteristic    
Rated Voltage V 220-240V/50HZ
EER/ERC KWh/Yr 178.9
Current A 0.7
Starting Voltage         V 187-242
II. Configuration    
General Features Color mm Dark Silver
Surface Finishing(VCM/PCM) PCM
Back Material PP
Color   Black
Door  Type(Reversible/Others)   Others
Lock & Keys Y/N Y
Leg Type(Adjustable/Wheels)   Adjustable
Quantity pcs 2
Handle(Recessed/External)   Recessed
Temp.Control(Electrical/Mechanical)   Mechanical
Defrosting(Auto/Manual)   Manual
Inner Liner Material   PP
Color   White
Capacity Refrigerator(Gross/Net) L 90/78
Freezer(Gross/Net) /
Chill Compartment(Gross/Net) 8.5/8.0
Total(Gross/Net) 90/86
Refrigerator Chiller Compartment Y/N Y
Shelf Material   GLASS
Size mm 238*379*3.2mmT
Quantity pcs 1
Lamp Lamp Type   Bulb
Power W 15
Lamp Cover Material   ABS
Color   White
Vegetable Crisper Material   HIPS
Color   Transparent blue
Quantity pcs 1
Thermostat Type No.   WPF21
Hosing Material   Aluminum
Quantity pcs 1
Egg Tray Material   PP
Color   Blue
Quantity pcs 1
Door Rack Material   PS
Color   Transparent Blue
Freezer Shelf Material   /
Size   /
Quantity pcs /
IceTray Material   /
Color   /
Quantity pcs /
Door Rack Material   /
Color   /
Drawer Material   /
Color   /
Quantity pcs /
Star Rating   /
Compressor Brand   DANFU
Type No   DFB30LA
Refrigerant   R600a
Thermostat Operated Temp. 61
Closed Temp. 120
Evaporator Material   Aluminum
Surface Finished   Power coating
Condenser Material   Aluminum
Surface Finished   Power coating
Inside/Outside   Inside
Power Cord Length M 1.5
Section Area mm2 0.75
Core Material    Copper
Plug Type   BS
III. Package    
Instruction Manual Y/N Y
Warranty Card Y/N Y
Unit dimension (W*D*H) mm 440*450*815
Packing (W*D*H) mm 500*505*845
Net weight   Kg 21.5
Gross weight   Kg 23.5
Loading Qty.(40'HQ/20') pcs 360(outside condenser)/375
IV. Others        
Ambient temperature range              0~10
Climate Type   T/ST/N
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Manufacturer Bruhm
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