Payment Methods

Payment Options

We have made available options for easy payment to the item you purchase online. See below for our payment options. You can pay by card, make a deposit into our bank accounts, use mobile money or even pay at the showroom when picking up your order.


1. Online Payment: We accept debit and credit card payment by Visa and MasterCard. Pay online when checking out and you will be redirected to a page for you to complete your payment via a secured portal.


2. Bank Deposits: You can deposit the amount for your order into our bank accounts at Zenith Bank. Select Pay online and click Bank Deposit when checking out and you will be presented with our account details. If paying by bank deposit, please ensure that your order number is on your deposit slip.

 To complete your payment, please deposit the FULL order amount into our account:


Bank Name: Zenith Bank

Account Name: Somotex Ghana

Account Number: 6010127229


3. Mobile Money: You can make payment for your order using the mobile money service of your choice; Airtel Money, MTN Mobile Money or Tigo Cash.


Airtel Money

1. Dial *000#

2. Select “Send Money”

3. Select to “Mobile Number”

4. Enter “0000000000”

5. Enter Full Amount of your order total

6. Confirm payment details with your Airtel Money PIN


MTN Mobile Money

Make sure you have sufficient money in your Mobile Money Wallet.

1. Go to “Mobile Money” menu, select “Transfer Money” and “Mobile User.”

2. Enter and repeat 000 000 0000, amount, your order number as a reference, confirm details and enter Mobile Money PIN.

You will receive a confirmation message of the successful transfer.


Tigo Cash

1. Enter Mobile No. (xxxxxxxxxx)

2. Enter Amount. (Enter amount you wish to send)

3. A transaction summary indicating amount to send and fee charged would be displayed for confirmation.

4. Enter secret PIN to complete transaction.


4. Pay on Pickup: We accept cash payment for orders you would love to pick up at your selected showroom, please select Pay on pickup when checking out and inform our customer service agent when you will be available to pick up the order at the selected showroom.